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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Eight Birthday Cakes - October 2008

It was a wonderful learning experience as we made eight birthdays cake in last 10 days. Some were made during late evening while some were made during weekends. Interestingly the themes requested were different, so it was a good learning curve for me to play with fondant and marzipan and make different types of sugarcraft cakes such as chocolate, madeira and vanilla. My friend Christine and sometimes my hubby helped me a lot in idea generation, visual impact, aspects of ratio etc. Due to constraint of time, perfection as i would like it to be were not achieved in some of them but i gained the knowledge on how to do better next time.
As my second year final MBA examinations have started, i will now stop cake works and concentrate on academic works. I was working on the last wedding cake, prior to examinations, which i shall upload in my next post.
I hope you all like our effort. Below are the eight cakes that i have posted as separate posts.

Birthday Cake: Scroll - October 2008

This scroll cake was especially made for an elderly person and was a gift from his neice on his birthday. The cake was taken to Gaborone, where the gentleman resides. The photographs were taken, prior to docorating the base with a fondant design.

Birthday Cake: Dartboard with darts - October 2008

This dartboard cake was requested by a lady, who wanted to celebrate her husband's birthday. The order was at a very short notice but we could not refuse it and made this for her. The round edges did not come out very well but it was a good process to go through.

Birthday Cake: Bows - September 2008

The two-tier birthday cake was made for a girl, who wanted to celebrate her 21st birthday. She had requested a square-shaped cake with bows and this is what we did.

Birthday Cake: Car - September 2008

This car cake was made for the birthday celebrations of a two-year old boy, who is fascinated with cars.

Birthday Cake: Flower Box - September 2008

This cake was requested by a person for his mother's birthday. This cake has a filigree flower box. Unfortunately, the picture taken does not show it very clearly.

Birthday Cake: Purse - September 2008

This purse cake was made for a girl who was celebrating her 21st birthday. She wanted a purse cake after having seen my earlier creation of the red leather purse. This was made in four hours on the same friday night, when we also made the hat cake. All fondant work including the red cloth with folds.

Birthday Cake: Hat - September 2008

This hat cake was made for a lady who wanted to celebrate her 40th birthday at Sua Pan. This cake was made in two and half hours on a friday night. The lady had requested a simple hat with some floral decorations.

Birthday Cake: Pilot's Cap - September 2008

This cake was made for a budding pilot, who is attending the course at Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This cake was made in the afternoon in four hours to be taken to Port Elizabeth in the evening. All fondant work including the base cloth . The shape could have been better but it has been a good learning experinece.