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Friday, May 23, 2008

Chrysthamum Wedding Anniversary Cake: May 2008

Dear inspirations, that's what i call you all my blogger friends ! The MBA examinations took me off the blog for a while but as you know, there is an ad which comes on the NDTV (oh ! yes, we are able to watch it here, too, in Botswana) which says 'the end of knowlege is love and the end of education is character' so while my passion for sugracraft is still a journey to perfection, when ever priority for education comes on front, i just snugly tuck my hobby for a while and try to concentrate on studies, as i have no control over the age which is passing by !

With examinations over, i made this cake quickly in two days for a friend's wedding anniversary. With winter setting in and chrysthamum and roses in bloom, i chose this theme for them. It was liked by them and i hope you all will also give me a slight pat for trying ! Well, there still much room for perfection and i will keep on practicing !

When i opened my blog, I was and still am overwhlemed with love and affection that you bestow upon me. Thank you so much for thinking of me this way !
feel that my blog is 'yummy'. Hey girls, i bow down like the gilrls do in school.Thank you !

I am sharing this with Mansi Desai, whose signature is 'discover the cook within you' and i would also like to wish her belated birthday! Sorry, dear, missed it but will be there, next time !
I also share this with Margaret, whose posts are indeed as said !
I will also share this with Panettona, whose posts are an excellent visual appeal !
I will further share this with Aparna, whose diverse kitchen is worth the read and the quality of the posts is very commendable !
Anitha of shared this 'Arte y Pico' award with me. Her sincerity and honesty reflects in her works. Not a word of self-praise and she continues to carve out themes diligently.

I will pass this work of art to Asha, whose blog is work of art, where she is candid, sweet, makes you feel comfortable while reading her posts & her posts always has elements to learn from. Asha, thanks for accepting me in your fraternity and often leaving words of encouragement for me.
I will pass this to Lori Lynn whose blog is in her words 'the cooking, photographing, posting and sharing my adventures with food...and reading and enjoying and celebrating your blogs and your successes in the kitchen and beyond" how true lori ! Your posts has value and food for thoughts, always !
I will pass this award to Cynthia, whose zeal for perfection amazes me. Over the one year, interaction with her on the blogger wolrd has made me wiser, humbler and an learner, not yet a guru ! Cynthia, you deserve my awe !
I will also pass this award to Rosie, a truly inspirational blogger. I know you have been handed this twice so no more words required from me but i still feel you deserve many more !
I will also pass this award to dawn, where insights into human relatiosnhips are words of art. Her thought provoking words make you pause for a while. She speaks of maintaining friendship so beautifully and talks of love and its betrayal so eloquently. Dawn, may your book released pass through several hands but the thoughts of it remain with hands they pass through !
feel i make their days. I am indeed happy to know that i have that positivity in me. Thank you, dear !
There are are other precious bloggers, who make my day everyday. With you all, i share this award !

One of you is caked crusader from UK, whose passion for baking amazes me.
The other one is Priya, whose posts on relationships, friendship, trust, faith, oppurtinism, betrayal of love and other human emotions is worth reading. I share this award with you.
I also look forward to posts from Gloria from Chile, whose enthusiasm for a wide variety of food amazes me. Gloria, i share this with you.
I also read Anna Haight, whose signature of 'trying out something new is fun' makes wonderful reading. Anna, you make my day !
I also read Ivy'spost, an interesting blog with lots of things from Greece. She calls it ' kopiaste, which in hindi means namaste ! Ivy, you , too make my day, eh!
Susan you make my day, too, with your posts that are filled with much needed information that really helps !
Pooja you make my day with your posts and innovative competitions that challenges the creative mind !
Roopa you posts are worth reading everyday and you too make my day. I know there are other who also think of you in this way. So i am right too, isnt it !
Anitha It was good that i met you. I always pick up some form of inspiration from your themes ! You too, make my day !
I will continue with my token of appreciation and recognition of other friends in my next post. I am off to India for few weeks for a break with my sony lipstick mp3 player, with loads and loads of songs !

Monday, May 12, 2008

Celebration Cake: India Association Family Fun Day : May 2008

India Association celebrated 10th May as Family Fun Day at the Club and I made this cake to raise some funds for the association. Before the American Auction could start, we discovered that it was the birthday of one of our esteeemed member's wife and it was decided not to auction the cake but celebrate her birthday on the ground with this cake.
This cake was made in less than two days, as i am occupied with studies for the MBA mid-session examinations, which starts from this week. I have given YUMMY BLOG AWARD by two of my lovely blogger friends Homecooked & Cham and will display it in my next blog.
I thank all my blogger friends for visiting and encouraguing me so often ! I will be off the the blog until my examinations are over.