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Monday, March 31, 2008

Teddy Bear Birthday Cake:For a Blogger Friend: March 2008

When i posted the cakes for my marriage anniversary and my husband's birthday,one of my blogger friend Archana Pritish( commented:
Archy said...
Belated Aniversary Wishes to you both..As usuall Lovely cakes Anamika !!Both us B'day is dis month end.. It was lovely u wud make a cake for us both :) !! I'm so curious to watch and eat the cake u make :P!
Wednesday, March 12, 2008 10:19:00 PM
Archana, i love reading all the comments, it's like going through the rite of passage, where i try to understand and appreciate each word written and your valuable time spent on my blog.

Here's something i came up for you .... a teddy bear hug for your birthday ! I was working on a wedding cake, have several knocking deadlines for submission of assignments for MBA and the long office hours but i could not forget your words. I must and always try to find space for smaller happiness (choti choti said in hindi), but do forgive the imperfections ! Teddy Bear has buttercream icing work, fondant work and chocolate cakes. Happy days ahead to you !

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Welcome Cake: March 2008

One of our dear friends, who is in Indian Army has been blessed with a baby girl on 13 March 2008. On that day, the congratulatory calls with the new mom and dad evoked pure joy and the impromptu telly conversations, as usual, evoked memories of their time spent in Botswana. The beautiful angel is Gayatri and I welcome the adorable darling's arrival in this world with this cake !

Message for mom & dad: Vibha and Atal, this cake is for Gayatri . During celebrations at home, do open the blog and show her - her first gift from me !

Message for Gayatri: Little angel, hugs and kisses to you from your aunty in Botswana !

I also wish to share this happy occasion with all my blogger friends and convey my wishes for incoming Easter and Holi celebrations !

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Birthday and Wedding Anniversary Cakes: March 2008

March is the celebration time for our family. My husband's birthday on 7 March followed by our wedding anniversary on 8 March. I often tease my hubby for being so courageous to have married on International Woman's Day. Amidst flurry of activities and partying from 7 - 9 March, followed by the hectic monday mania at office, i did not get time to post the cakes which i had made for the occassions. Sometime i wish, i had more time for my hobby of making cakes but it's life and i try to indulge in creativity, when ever i can, away from daily rigmaroles of home and office.
My son wanted to present a basket full of chocolate truffles to his dad and who would he look at for turning his imagination into reality - off course, his mum. And there i was, working late night for two days to fulfill his wish ! And then, i wished to make a heart full of roses for my anniversary. So another day was spent in making it. All is sugarcraft work with madeira cakes !

Well, during these two days, what i cherished most were the phone calls and smses from the friends and relatives from India and other parts of the world. It makes one feel so complete to achieve the human bond and collect lifelong treasure of friends. Even though, it means the cellphone smudged with icing sugar or the cordless phone smeared with marzipan and fondant, when interrupted but it's a great feeling !
And now I have evergrowing circle of wonderful blogger friends and I celebrate this with you all, the first time after i entered the blogosphere in 2007.