Real time update on cake matters !


Monday, July 21, 2008

Birthday Cake: Doll - July 2008

Again on Sunday, late in the evening, i sat to make a birthday cake for my friend's daughter, who was turning two years old on Monday. The party theme was white and pink colours and this is what i came up with. I did not do more floral natural decorations and bought a doll from a supermarket and covered it fondant floral dress with a pink hat and an array of flowers and butterflies around her. The two-layer cakes were of strawberry flavour. In last four days, i made three different cakes of different themes and sizes and feel that the journey of sugarcraft is quite interesting and challenging but its worth the travel !

Birthday Cake: Shirt - July 2008

These last few days have been quite challenging, interesting and busy with new creations to indulge in and make them for occassions such as as weddings, birthdays et al.
This fondant chocolate cake was made together with my friend Christine in five hours during late evening of Saturday, as the cake had to go on Sunday to Gaborone for birthday celebrations. It was quite interesting to work on the tie, the stitchings and the contours of the shirt.
Will post further creations in coming days !

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Four-Tier Wedding Cake: Falling Drape with Roses - July 2008

This four layer wedding cake was made for a bakery manager of a famous supermarket. The wedding theme included the roses near the falling drape using just two colours to match the settings. The rich fruit cakes were made and matured with brandy over a period of four weeks. He is getting married today and may God bless the bridegroom and the bride. Our wishes are with them.
Two of my blogger friends have shared their affection by way of awards, which i will write about in my next post. Thank you !

Monday, July 14, 2008

Two -Tier Wedding Cake: Gold Flowers - July 2008

This cake was made for a young Batswana bride, who wanted golden flowers such as roses, lilies and ivy creeepers on a two-tier cake for their wedding, which will take place next week. Well, most of my last week day evenings were spent on covering the fruit cakes with marzipan and fondant, after they had been brushed regularly with brandy to let them mature over time. This weekend, I sat down to make the roses, lilies and ivy creepers and then individually paint them with gold. Amidst that, I gave myself a pause to make the spiderman cake..had to make child happy and smiling, isn't it! May the would be bride and bridegroom be blessed with love always !

Birthday Cake: Spiderman Cake - July 2008

While still adding final touches to the wedding cake, i was requested to make a small spiderman cake for a three-year old boy on saturday, when i returned home from office and had just settled down. I made this cake in three hours and you will realise there are imperfections and i was racing against time. Next one will be a better one, i promise !

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Birthday Cake:Chess - July 2008

My son's birthday falls on 6th July and i made this cake for him. He is very fond of chess, often busy with Harry Potter chess pieces and his school seed postion and i decided to give him a took me three late evenings to make the madeira cake with fondant kings and queens and knights and bishops and...and...phew ! altogether 32 pieces and the board. I chose the theme of tricolours : white, black and blue to represent the colours of Botswana. The party was celebrated on the lawns of new Adansonia Hotel amidst our friends, his friends from his school and our friend circle and the day ended with chess cake being shared among us all after he blew the candle and the kings and knights and bishops becoming part of the edible history !
The coming weeks have interesting themes and I will try to share with you all as they come along.