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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bridal Affair: Soni's Cake 4 + Three-tier wedding cake with roses

A plain and simple three-tier wedding cake with a rose posy was much liked for its sheer elegance. Some visitors commented that too many flowers of different varieties spoil the elegance of simplicity. I could not agree more !


yochana said...

Hi anamika,

Thanks for leaving the your website address at my blog.'re really talented on sugarcraft. Must learn from you.

rgds aunty Yochana

Anamika said...

Thanks Aunty Yochana. I was impressed by your work and thought to share. I am a beginner and trying to learn this art. Your Wows.. really encourages me to take another step confidently.

Please keep in touch and let your friend know of my site.


yochana said...

Hi anamika,

Keep in touch. We can always browse at each other's blog.

Love all your sugar paste flowers.


Shab said...

Hi...was just browsing over mishmash's blog and happened to get into ur blog.Cant describe in words how stunning ur work is.its soooooooo nice i cant even express it.Keep up the great work.I wud love to start a bit of sugarcraft just for home baked cakes.As i also got a bit of artistic taste i think i wud be able to do abit.Would u mind sharing ideas?Just wanted to know how to make them...just basic stuffs..thanks.Once again....very beautiful ur cakes look....heavenly they are....