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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sugarcraft : Celebrating one year of journey on Blogspot

It was on 14 August 2007 when something stirred my hubby to urge me to post my first cake on the blog world. I was not very keen to tread out in the unknown world but gave in to his encouragement and published my first post of wedding aniversary and birthday cakes that i had made for my friends in March 2007. I had received two comments from unknown bloggers but it changed my world from then on...and i began feeling comfortable in the blogging world. As i look back on the journey that i have taken so far and pause, i feel the road less travelled is worth taking further and remember the words of Robert Frost
The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before sleep
And miles to go before i sleep !
As i read again several comments and the words of encouragement that have come from you all, i feel so happy..the journey is difficult but you led me the hand, cajoled me, coaxed and helped me to rise again and again...a beginner's journey is not easy, especially with studies, full-time job and family but i will not give up, i promise you all !
When i take account of what i have done....17 birthday cakes, 7 wedding anniversary cakes, 8 wedding cakes, 1 each of engagement cake,celebration cake and wedding reception cake, i ask myself.. could i have done better ? maybe by next year !
In this journey there have been sad times, interesting times and amusing times.
A sad occassion
One of my blogger friend wrote to tell me that i have been accused of copying a blogger's title in a certain forum. When i read, instead of being angry, i felt sad that without verifying the facts, can i be accused and my worth or creativity be questioned. When i told my hubby, he had simply stated to leave it and remember the Indian national emblem engraving "satyamev jayate"or 'truth alone triumphs'. However, he indicated that his hypothesis has failed again that all good creative persons will always have good hearts.
Well, as i look back , i feel my pride is still intact and you all have appreciated my uniqueness. I had created the blog way back but had uploaded my first post in August 2007.
An interesting occassion
When i wrote an e-mail to a sugarcrfter of 20 years to critique my work, she told me that your second cake of the four layer cake is not straight and now i have a spirit-level, which i use and it was a tip for a lifetime ! I have purchased tools from USA, UK, South Africa and have some indigenous tools , which my hubby made for me to make my work easy.
An amusing thought
Whenever i make wedding cakes, i always seek input from my hubby and it helps to make work easier. One of the remarks he makes is never to make butterflies and gives an strange connotation that butterflies remind him of people, who are selfish and self-indulgent and who do not come to a flower because it is beautiful but because it can feed on it. The flower may think that the conjugation will remain forever but when the butterfly has fed itself, it will fly away to seek another, and it will find excuses to break that trust and faith. Well i dont agree with his analogy and will make butterflies.
All the cakes that i made so far were made in accordance with what the clients wanted. Never had really the chance to practice or experiment on what i feel i should make...maybe will get chance in ensuing year. The journey to perfection is long but i will keep on moving, with your support, with you judging me when i go wrong or lifting me up when i require you all. Thank you ...I feel so happy that i have over 7500 profile views till now. Thank you for your time that you give to me !