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Monday, September 24, 2007

Bridal Affair 2007: Preparation

I had just two weekends to prepare the dummy cakes as had to travel to South Africa for 10 days for MBA classes. I looked for support from my hubby and he grudingly agreed. He spent time in different hardware shops looking for styrofoam or thermocole. He could not get the thermocole of exact thickness, so his carpentary skills were under lens as he patiently used dinner plates of different sizes to make marks with colouring pens on the thermocole and used hacksaw blade to cut out different shapes. It was a sight to see him covered with granules & bits of thermocole, electrostatically charged covering his dress. And then my heavy managment books came handy, when we glued three pieces of 30 mm thick thermocole, put the books over them to press them & left them overnight to dry. I had decided to make six wedding cakes of different tiers, as you can see in the pic. One weekend was spent in sticking thermocloles to give shape to different designs which i had thought to display.The other weekend was spent in preparing sugar paste (also known as fondant) and covering the cut and well glued 16 thermocole dummy cakes, as i might call them, with the sugarpaste. On the last sunday, I ordered food from Nando's and spent the evening giving finishing touches to the dummy cakes....remove creases, smoothen them etc. Whew, it was hectic ! but confidence has grown within !

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Lincoln Middle East said...

Well done Soni......Keep going!!!!