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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wedding Cakes - Basket of Flowers : Dedicated to Scott Clark Wooley

Hi friends, I could not manage to post these wedding cakes which i had made in January as i had gone to India during last week of the January till middle of February for academic and business ventures. Most of the time was spent in Delhi with a little dash off to Rajasthan to say 'hi' to a close friend and then some time at Bangalore and now i am back.
The Basket of Flowers Wedding Cake was what the bride was looking for and i made it in electric green shade to match the bridal theme. The other three-layer cake with a top of Basket of Orange Roses was again made to match the marriage theme.

I also want to share something that a learner in sugarcraft can feel happy about. Among several cake artists that adorn the world and from whom, i continue to draw inspirations, there is one artist, to who, i have dedicated my creations to. Scott Clark Wooley,( ), a great humble artist from whom i can understand what perfection means....a philosopher, a poet, a creator...the virtues are endless.
I cherish the note that he had sent me. Friends, all of you who are passionate about this art must surely meet him. He stays in New York and i envy all those who are in US, who can learn so much from him. Anytime i feel i need to understand some thing, he is there to help me out impromptu through e-mails. One day, i will surely meet him. I do hope you all like my new works.      


Asha said...

What a great trip you have had, glad you are back home safe!:)

Cakes are fabulous as usual, you are so gifted.

Rose said...

wow...this wedding cake with basket of flowers look awesome. That is what I exactly want for my wedding.

Enza said...

your cakes are magnificent..compliments
hi Enza

Dina said...

Hi Soni:

Your cakes are beautiful!

I was very fortunate to have taken several gumpaste flower classes with Scott before he ended his teaching career. Scott is truly an extraordinary teacher and I am truly grateful. When you get a chance, check out my sugar flower website:

Homecooked said...

Wow...the cakes are beautiful. Your piping skills are out of the world Anamika :) It must have felt great to get such a sweet thoughtful note from someone you admire so much! And hope u had a lovely holiday!

Unknown said...

Beautiful and love the note :)

Maggie said...

The cakes are exquisite and very beautiful.

J said...

Your creations are so lovely! I'm looking for someone who does these sugarcraft cakes in Mumbai, know anyone? Can you drop me a mail at, I didn't find your email on this blog.

The Caked Crusader said...

Your basket work is so neat and beautiful! All your cakes are wonderful

Enza said...

they are all very beautiful ones...compliments
hi Enza

Dina said...

What a wonderful tribute to Scott! I trained with him and you sure do him proud!


Anonymous said...

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Islam said...

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