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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Birthday Cakes:Purse & Train - August 2008

While making the wedding cakes, one request came from a doctor for a surpise gift for her doctor wife and my friend Christine and I thought about a red-suede leather purse. So, she baked the chocolate cake and we sat down yesterday at 12:00 in the afternoon to make the cake. Amidst laughter and ladies gossip, we managed to give the finishing touches at 4:30 for the party at 8 in the evening.
I hope you like the purse with bold and red theme.
The train cake was made in two hours on friday for the kid and i had received the request in the morning, whilst at work.The train-set are toys, which got from a friend. Did not have time to make sugarcraft train but will attempt it in future with time on my side. I hope i have not done it badly.
Blogger friends give me strength to carry on in my journey and here a few among others who feel that i can make the journey to perfection ! I sincerely feel honoured and humbled. I will surley pass them on, as it should be, in my later posts.
Ivy of had passed this gesture a while ago.
Kitchen Flavours of had passed this 'Wylde Woman
Award' award
and then further 'Best Blog Darts Thinkers & Beautiful Site Award'.
Indranee of had passed me this magic lamp and earlier frienship awards.
Thank you !


Cham said...

Love the small details on both of ur cake! The suede purse looks gorgeous.

Cham said...

Oops, i forgot to wish, Congrats on ur awards :)

Margaret said...

I don't wish to be rude Anamika, but do you think that I could possibly have the red purse please?
Also, the train cake please, as my grandsons would adore this cake!
As usual, fabulous.
Oh and congratulations on the well deserved awards.

Priya said...

They are the best girl:) Congrats on your awards and loves this cake.

The Caked Crusader said...

Wow! A handbag...and you can eat it! This covers all my needs! Great work

Anitha said...

Hi Anamika,
Very nicely done purse. The bold color really highlights it. The handles & the creases on the purse sides looks very real. Love the fabric effect around the base too.

Wow!! Only 2 hours for the train cake. Thats amazing. Nice painting on the sides.

Congratulations!! On all your awards


Carmen said...

the cake bag it's wonderfull
beautiful beautiful

Lore said...

That little purse looks SO REAL! I had to read the title again just to check if it wasn't one of the presents on that b-day :D! Anamika, there aren't enough blogosphere awards for your talent, AMAZING!

Onedia said...

Oh , I do love the purse. YOu should be on Ace of Cakes....a TV show in the U. S.

Crafty Sugar said...

Well done Anamika!!

Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW!!! am impressed! I have seen some of the pictures of the cake which I never thought in real would exist :) you made me feel that its true and can happen :)

Thanks and many more congratulations dear

Rosie said...

Both are just beautiful cakes!! Congrats on all your awards very well deserved indeed :)

Rosie x

krystyna said...

Congratulations Anamika!

Super art work!

kittie said...

A simply stunning cake - amazing!

halline said...

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